Hyphen is a ministry that focuses on single individuals between ages 18-30. Hyphen seeks to bridge the gap between student ministry and adult programming. Our mission is to connect Young Adults to SERVICE . . . with PURPOSE . . . through RESOURCES . . . for a MISSION.

We encourage this group to maintain a relationship with God while balancing work, college, and career.


 2017 Mission Trips Available

Apostolic Youth Corps

Apostolic Youth Corps (AYC) facilitates the pairing of ministry-minded Pentecostal youth and North American and international sites which need and/or desire evangelism assistance. AYC provides evangelism opportunities for various durations ranging from 8-12 days. For information about current trips visit the Apostolic Youth Corps website.



The Will Of God
: The idea of the unknown variable has terrified me at times. I’d go through all the “steps” to find God’s will for my life. Extended fasts, tons of cry-my-eyes-out prayers, and bugging my pastor endlessly just to get some answers. I just wanted a blueprint, street signs, a treasure map—anything! Why wouldn’t God just speak in an audible voice and tell me … (click on the icon or title to read more)

It’s Not You, It’s Me
: Take a minute or two, and think about your worship. What is worship, and what does it mean to worship? Is it singing? Thanking God for His blessings? Is it dancing or shouting? While we can quote verse after verse of our basic doctrines, sometimes the simplest biblical principles slip through our understanding. Unfortunately, the meaning of worship may be one of those vital concepts. (click on the icon or title to read more)